The modern style is suitable for those who like simple, tidy and elegant spaces with straight lines and few adornments. Some characteristics of this style are the emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines without major curves, horizontal and low furniture, primacy of natural light, natural materials such as wood, metal and natural fibers and reflective surfaces such as glass, steel or chrome. In this article we are going to introduce you to four KATOA models that fit perfectly into this style of decoration!






This is a wall-mounted luminaire with an injected aluminum body, electrostatically lacquered in color, with an additive against aging and corrosion. Its beam angle is 65º opening. It can be finished in two colors: white and black.

This is an elegant and discreet option, thanks to its recessed application, allowing you to light up spaces without causing disruption to the decoration. In this example we see that this luminaire was used to light the stairs that lead to the upper floor.




You can consult the PIK product here.





It’s a LED luminaire for surface application on the ceiling and in crown moldings with indirect light. It has a 30cm wide anodised extruded aluminum body and its diffuser is opal polycarbonate clip-on. Remote Driver option with flow regulation. It can be finished in aluminium, white, black, satin gray and anthracite.

Although it can be used in surface application, the example below shows us that it can also be used almost imperceptibly, being able to illuminate any surface in a harmonious way.



You can consult the SCUTT 30 product here.





This LED luminaire has a protruding application on the ceiling and an extruded aluminum body coated with epoxy polyester. Its diffuser is in opal polycarbonate and has an option of Driver with DALI flow regulation. Its finish can be in four colors: white, black, anthracite and gray.

In the example we see, this luminaire is fixed directly to the ceiling, but it can also be suspended, being the equivalent model for surface application the DOL S.




You can consult the DOL product here.



TUB 9 


This luminaire is a two-axis adjustable LED projector for application in a three-phase track. It has an injected aluminum body, coated with epoxy polyester. Shiny aluminum reflector and 15º, 38º and 60º opening angles. Can be finished in black or white.

This is an option a little less discreet than the others but still fits into the modern style as it has a simple finish and straight lines.




You can consult the TUB 9 product here.