In this article, we want to help you understand how you should select the type of lighting, from the living room to the kitchen.



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First, you need to realize that there are three types of functionality for lights:



1. Ambient light



As the name implies, it is the main light in the room. Therefore, the main activities to be carried out at the site must be taken into account. In the kitchen, opt for lights with cooler tones. The whiter the light, the better your perception of what you’re cooking.

On the contrary, when you are looking for new lights for the living room, look for lights in warmer tones – in addition to being less bothersome to your vision at night, they give a feeling of comfort to the space, making it more welcoming.

Following this logic, the bathroom is the second place that should have cold light and the bedrooms, on the contrary, light in warmer tones.


2. Task light


If the ambient light is what gives the most illumination to the whole room, the task light is specific for certain moments of your day. However, coming from smaller lamps and directed to a location, they should retain the color of the ambient light.

In other words, if you are looking for a light for bathroom tasks, the color should be cool and the opposite happens if you want a light for reading in the living room.


3. Light to highlight


Decorative lights, as they are commonly called, are accent lights. These lights are focused on the pieces or furniture that you most admire in your home, in order to highlight these details.



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Now that we understand the three types of lighting, it is necessary to understand what type of lamps and lights to have in the main rooms:


1. Living room


In the living room, use a central light to evenly light the space. Also, try a floor light near the sofa, or even a wall lamp if you want to draw attention to a specific detail.


2. Kitchen


Use a central light, in cool tones, but rely on task lights in areas you mainly use for cooking – above the stove and above the counter is crucial. The use of LEDs above the bench has become a trend not only for the aesthetic side, but also for their usefulness.


3. Bathroom


A central light is essential, but the use of lights next to the mirror is equally important.


4. Bedrooms


In the bedrooms, seek to maintain the color balance for warm tones, with a central light and support lamps on each of the bedside tables. The diversity of lighting options in this space will make it even more welcoming.




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