It’s certainly happened that you’ve heard someone talking about a certain place that was poorly lit and made you sleepy or too light that even caused headaches. This problem would have been easily avoided if a luminotechnical study had been carried out.





 What is?


The luminotechnical study calculates the necessary amount of artificial light for an environment, in order to meet your needs, always leading to efficient energy consumption, without waste.


This study takes into account several factors such as the function of each environment, the amount of light needed for a space and the ideal lighting level for efficient visual comfort. Usually this study is done by an architect or an interior designer.


To distribute the points of light in a room, some characteristics of this room are crucial to know which type of light is the most appropriate, such as the right foot measurement or the colors of the wall and floor.

In terms of energy, an analysis is made of the profitability of the chosen lighting system, to ensure that there is no unnecessary energy consumption. This way it also allows us to save money on consumption at the end of the month!

A luminotechnical study is also important to customize to the taste of each one, for example a living room where we are going to read many books is different from a living room where we only watch television. Thus, several proposals can be presented to choose which one is most appropriate for each person’s lifestyle.



When we see the final result of the study, it allows us to adjust the expectations of what was initially idealized with what can be good or bad in reality. In this way, changes are made to the project before the work is carried out, which also saves us money and a lot of hassle!

In short, a luminotechnical study is very important for indoor environments, as it enhances the qualities of the space and can also hide defects.

But it is not only done indoors, this study can also be applied outdoors. For example, a garden leading to the entrance to a house can be lit in a variety of ways to guide people in the right way.