You are mesmerized by the dazzling light show

The Vivid Sydney festival is a celebration of the city’s art, technology, and creative industries and one of the highlights of the winter season. This festival features large-scale light shows as well as breathtaking projections and art installations.


The times are simple: from 6 pm to 00 am. If you have the opportunity to visit this magnificent city during the months of May and June, do not miss the Sydney Harbor Bridge – the iconic landmark, illuminated by bright colors that span the entire harbor.


The truth is that there is a lot going on at the event, but the visually impressive part of the festival is the light show. Talented artists and producers come together to create impressive art and light installations throughout the city. Even the iconic Sydney Opera House is decorated with extraordinary lights.


Some of the installations present are only illuminated structures, but others include several techniques that deserve to be highlighted. Through the various light games, one of the installations transforms the face of a building into canvas, while others are created to take advantage of the illuminated building’s surface to make it look like composition or surface of a different texture.


If you have the opportunity to visit this magnificent country, be sure to book the ticket for this season! Brightens your daily life even more.