The lights can have different types of dome, that sphere that covers the lamp, and that is responsible for changing the tone and direction of the lighting.

The two most common types of domes are the matte and the transparent ones, and not everyone is aware of how they both work and what are their main differences.


Transparent dome

The transparent dome transmits the rawest and consequently stronger light, ideal for large environments that require more precise lighting. In this case, we can mention the light emitted by the LED lights, which are always uniform and well used, regardless of the amplitude reached by them.


Matte dome

Composed of milky glass, it’s responsible for more comfortable lighting. This type of dome neutralizes the direct action of light and makes it softer, which is why it is generally used in more relaxed places, where decoration is also a criterion of choice.


In this case, the material of the dome, the coating and the shape of the LED lights are chosen to enjoy the most of the light emission, making the lighting more powerful and precise.