In the living room we carry out several different activities and it is easy to mess up this space, so it is important that it is kept as organized as possible, with systems where each object has a designated place to be arranged.
You can bet on the shelves to store objects such as books or magazines. Another idea is to have a basket to store cables, controls and objects that we use more regularly. Finally, you can also have a bookcase or a small closet where you can store everything.




Just as everything should be organized, we should also clean furniture and objects in the room whenever possible.

If everything is organized, there will be less stress!




The choices you make to light your living room are crucial to its environment. The ideal is to ensure that, during the day, the maximum amount of natural light enters this space and, at night, it has enough light to carry out your hobbies.

The options are endless! In addition to the classic ceiling lights, you can opt for floor lights, table lights, or even wall lights with the option of dimming their intensity.




When decorating a space we must take into account, in addition to our personal taste, the level of comfort and practicality we want in the living room.

Colors and textures are also crucial in defining the ambience of a space. For example, a comfortable sofa should not have an “abrasive” fabric, just like your pillows.

From time to time, you can refresh your living room by painting a wall or changing the pillowcases. A new element is also meaning comfort!