The “Half Painted Wall” concept consists of painting the bottom of a wall with one color and the top with another. Usually, the darkest color is at the bottom and at the top is another, although the opposite can also be done.

The proposal seems relatively simple, right? After all, all you have to do is divide the wall into two parts and apply different colors to each of them, but this is where the doubts arise: is there any trick to make the painting coherent? And the colors? Which ones go best together? By the way, does this concept go well with all environments? Find out more with us.


If you’re thinking about redecorating your house, the first step in creating a half-painted wall is to look at the furniture and objects you own.


Using a color that you already have in some detail of the decoration can be very useful. Pay attention to your pillows, paintings, rugs and which colors match these details the most.


Create and enjoy a bicolor wall!


You’ll need two colors of paint, a paint roller, a brush and a duct tape. Define your line with the duct tape. The tape should also be used to protect the baseboard. Always start by painting the wall from the bottom, and once it’s finished, clean the roller and start from the top. You will eventually notice that where the tape is, nothing has been painted, so remove it carefully and with the brush paint what is missing.


Done! Wait until it dries and enjoy the new decor!