Interior architecture is like an art that we see developing and taking shape, so that later we can appreciate the final result that gives us immense pleasure and taste. It’s no longer decorated just because it is, it’s decorated because we like it, because we want it and because the house is an extension of our self. There is a concern to keep the space cozy, beautiful and especially comfortable. We take care of the small details, so that the final project can be great.


Today, we want to share with you the best tips that will help you to have the home you’ve always dreamed of.


Interior architecture is a strand of architecture, which aggregates a series of other rules, involving acoustics, lighting, thermic, ergonomics, etc. They are designed inside indoor spaces, such as commercial, industrial and private residences.


As a professional, you should take into account the choice of furniture pieces and their respective positioning, as well as coverings, finishes and, also, decoration, lighting and other details that enhance the work. The great challenge is to make the interiors the mirror of the resident. Each project is different and the interior architecture goes beyond making it just an aesthetically beautiful space. There is also a concern to make it practical and viable for everyday life.


Interior architecture is a technique that allows you to make your ideas for a space a reality, just like those you see on social networks or on television.


What really matters in interior architecture?


Interior architecture isn’t just decoration, in fact it’s a more embrancing concept than the aesthetics of the project. It’s mainly dedicated to electrical installations, hydraulic, isolation, environmental comfort, sensations and psychological perceptions, in addition to a variety of possibilities.


The choice of coverings, materials, textiles, furniture and other decorative details are part of the interior architecture. Not everything can be considered just by the visual component, but also by the quality of the product.


It’s important that you keep in mind how much you want to take advantage of a space, in its most varied forms. If we talk inside your space, lighting is one of the main responsible for enriching the environment, making it more intimate and welcoming. There are also interiors that are very rich and need little to stand out and create a truly unique and unrepeatable space.