My daily life is lived inside an office where artificial light prevails and, for this reason, I thought that in this month’s article it would be important to approach and understand the objectives and impact of each solution in the projection of architectural lighting.


The importance of light and color

If we think about it, the Earth has been, for tens of thousands of years, exposing human beings to sunlight for almost 90% of the time, synchronizing the entire solar cycle (cycle that controls the biological clock and behavior). With the advancement of society, humanization and especially technology, today, we are now exposed to only 10% of natural light.

A good part of the “modern” diseases are associated with the consequences of this advance, explained by the interruption of the normal biological functioning, to which the Human being was exposed during the last 100 years.

The proven influence of light and color on Humans brings a new approach and dimension to any building and interior lighting project, regardless of the reason why they are built and idealized.


The impact of the Human dimension

We have become the central role in planning architectural lighting and, for this reason, LED technology has brought numerous advantages to our everyday conception, such as:

– Enhancing the company’s image and security;
– Creation of environments (suitable for the purpose of each space);
– Increase (of course) in productivity;
– Increase efficiency and reduce costs.

In order for lighting to work in the corporate environment, we must not forget that decoration also represents a place of grandeur. Thus, it’s important to pay attention to the position of the light in relation to the furniture, employees and tasks performed on site. For example, if there is a spotlight behind me while working on the computer, this will likely generate an annoying glow on my monitor.

Another situation is if, like me, you perform tasks with your right hand: your arm and hand can cast uncomfortable shadows if the light is also on the right side. Therefore, it’s necessary to be careful when placing the spotlights.


There must be an appreciation of the aesthetics of the environment as a whole. And let’s face it: working in a visually pleasing environment motivates us to perform our tasks efficiently. Don’t you agree?