Let’s discover three Katoa models that fit this style of decor!Vamos descobrir três modelos da Katoa que encaixam neste estilo de decoração!



Luminaires don’t usually have a great prominence in Scandinavian decor, so more discreet and minimalist models will always match the rest of the room’s elements!


FIL is a LED luminaire for recessed ceiling application. It has an extruded aluminum body coated with epoxy polyester. It can be finished in four different colors: white, black, gray and gold. Efficient and discreet are the two adjectives that best describe her.





You can consult the FIL product here.





The GESS is another equally discreet luminaire, as it is a luminaire for recessed application in the ceiling. Its body is in plaster and therefore the color will always be white. There is also another similar model, the GESS Q, which is square in shape.





You can consult the GESS product here.





LUPE is a bolder choice, as it stands out more than previous luminaires. It is a luminaire for suspended application from the ceiling. Chromed aluminum body or epoxy polyester lacquered. Its finish can be in black, chrome or white.




You can consult the LUPE product here.