I can almost guess your thinking right now: “I love lighting and if I can give my personal touch to an space even better, but what about the price?” teams like Katoa exist and help you find the best solution, at the best price.
Industrial style luminaires

If you’re a fan of DIY channels and blogs, you’ve probably seen the industrial style trend somewhere. Visible pipes, simplified finishes and lots of personality are some of the characteristics of this style, ideal for those looking for a more rustic and informal environment. One of the best benefits of investing in this style is that it blends seamlessly with other trends like the use of burnt cement, beams and bricks. Personally, I love it and I think it’s worth investing in this decor, regardless of whether it’s a room or a bar. If the environment is open: even better! These elements will eventually receive the necessary highlight.


Nordic and minimalist style luminaires

Anyone who is attentive to content about architecture and decoration, will surely have heard a lot about this style. Following this line is a great option for those who have small environments and want to create a feeling of spaciousness. In the line of pendants, the simplest are highlighted. The variation is due to the number of focuses, color or details that complete the focus, such as cages. To give an air of greater comfort, it is worth complementing the environment with LED lamps with filaments. This lighting style fits very well among several styles, such as the aforementioned industrial or retro classic. Don’t be afraid to mix or complement your decor with other elements. This is where your personal touch is.


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