Lighting is a fundamental element in the decoration of any space. It can create a cozy, relaxing or vibrant atmosphere, depending on the desired effect. Additionally, it can also be a powerful tool to highlight architectural or decorative elements, as well as creating focal points.


Trends in the field of illumination are constantly evolving and the projections for 2024 show significant interest. Keep reading to discover more.





Smart lighting


One of the main trends is the rise of smart lighting. This technology allows remote control of lighting through mobile applications or virtual assistants. This way, it enables an endless variety of automated operations: adjusting the intensity according to the time of day, creating color temperature scenarios for different moments, adapting the luminous intensity needs based on the people present in a specific room, among others.

Also, the consolidation of artificial intelligence is completely redefining the role of lighting, transforming it from a passive element into a dynamic and adaptable component.



Sustainable lighting


The growing concern for sustainability will continue to shape trends. LED technology stands out as the primary choice for those seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution. In addition to these benefits, it also ensures a prolonged lifespan.

The concern regarding the use of recyclable raw materials in the manufacturing process of LED luminaires will also be a rising trend in the coming years.



Decorative lighting


In addition to its practical perspective, lighting can also be used as a decorative element. Fixtures with modern or vintage design have the ability to add a touch of personality to spaces. Furthermore, it can be strategically used to highlight architectural or decorative elements.



Customized lighting


Customization is an increasingly noticeable trend, reflecting a demand for new and exclusive solutions that fit perfectly into challenging environments. At Katoa, we have witnessed a rise in requests for unique solutions that harmonize with the spaces where they are implemented.

This trend represents a significant challenge, which has been met with the development of new lighting solutions, particularly those that fulfill all technical and architectural requirements.



Emerging trends


In addition to the mentioned trends, there are others worth keeping an eye on. One of them is dynamic lighting, which uses light to mimic the human circadian rhythm. This technology can help to improve sleep, mood and performance.

Also noteworthy is sensory lighting, used to stimulate the senses. This technology can be used to create more relaxing, stimulating or even therapeutic environments.



The importance of choosing adequate lighting


Selecting an optimized illumination for your space relies on various factors, such as the decoration style, the size of the environment and the desired effect. However, there are some general tips that can help you to make a balanced choice:


•Consider the decoration style: lighting should harmonize with the style of the environment. With a modern decoration, you can choose design fixtures accordingly, such as light lines.

• Think about the size of the space: a small room requires more diffuse lighting, to avoid the creation of shadows. Larger spaces can accommodate more focused illumination, highlighting architectural or decorative elements.

• Define the desired effect: lighting can be used to create different effects. If you want to enhance a cozy atmosphere, for example, you can select warm and diffuse lighting. However, if you want a stimulating environment, you should choose cold and directional lighting.


Regardless of the trends that will dominate lighting in 2024, good taste and the need to create comfortable and functional environments will undoubtedly be an immutable trend.




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