First of all, we cannot underestimate the power of natural light. You should try to make the most of it, as it will also help you to make efficient energy consumption. To enhance it we can use objects such as mirrors (reflect light) or less opaque curtains so that light can enter the space. 


In addition to the ceiling lights that helps to illuminate without taking up significant space, a good option are the three-phase LED spots which, given their possibility of adjustment, can light the same space in different ways, without this meaning having two or three different spots of light!


These three-phase LED spots can also be combined with recessed ceiling luminaires, again without taking up space. 


Playing with the intensity and temperature of the LEDs, depending on the spaces, also helps to illuminate effectively. For example, spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom should have a cooler light, while the living room or bedroom should already have warmer tones. We recommend that in these last two, the lighting has LEDs that can be regulated in their intensity. 


LED strips are an easy and inexpensive trick to add subtle light. They can be applied, for example, behind a painting, a television or mirrors to highlight these objects and give them a different touch.


Finally, don’t forget that lamps and lighting pieces can also be works of art and decoration pieces, so if you choose to buy lamps, whatever they are, it should fit perfectly into your apartment’s style of decoration!