Save more, light better

LED lighting is more than just a light source, it’s a smart choice for sustainable lighting projects!

One of the main benefits is their energy efficiency. Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs consume significantly less energy to produce the same amount of light. This not only results in lower electricity bills, but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint.

Unmatched durability

Durability is another distinctive feature of LED bulbs. While conventional bulbs can burn out quickly and need frequent replacement, LEDs have a much longer lifespan.
LED bulbs boast an extended lifespan, minimizing maintenance and replacements, thereby reducing waste and lowering the overall cost of ownership. Their reliability ensures a steady and enduring illumination, preserving the intended lighting ambiance.

Illuminating your home: tips for every space

Discover helpful tips to guide you in choosing the perfect lighting for every corner of your house.
Elevate your cooking experience with bright LED bulbs. Perfectly tuned to a neutral color temperature, they provide clear, efficient light for precise cutting, cooking, and culinary creativity.
Cultivate a tranquil bedroom setting with subdued LED bulbs for relaxation and intimacy. Distribute lamps evenly to eliminate dark spots, and layer different light fixtures for comprehensive and harmonious illumination.
In the bathroom, where you need a clear, functional light, bright white LED bulbs are the right choice. They guarantee excellent visibility for your morning routine.
For outdoor areas such as gardens or balconies, we recommend weather-resistant LED lamps. The durability combined with the constant brightness provides reliable and refined lighting for your outdoor spaces.
If you have a garage or workspace, you need a powerful, long-lasting light. Industrial LED lamps are the perfect choice. With resistance to vibration and shock, they guarantee reliable lighting in challenging environments.

From the living room to the bathroom, every corner of your home deserves lighting that not only illuminates, but also lifts the mood.
Discover some KATOA suggestions:
Living Room: GUGU
With its sophisticated stainless steel design, the GUGU luminaire provides soft, elegant lighting, creating the perfect ambience for relaxing in the living room.
Kitchen: PIPE S
The versatility of PIPE S adapts perfectly to the kitchen, offering bright, adjustable lighting to enhance the functionality of this space.
Bathroom: PULL
PULL provides focused and resistant lighting, making your bathroom a bright and elegant space.
Bedroom: BOOK
The BOOK luminaire is the perfect companion for evening reading and moments of relaxation in the bedroom, combining modern design with soft lighting.


Do you know how to calculate the amount of lighting you need?

We understand that figuring out the perfect lighting for every square meter of your space might feel like solving a puzzle. Let’s unravel the mystery and ensure that every nook and cranny in your room is bathed in just the right amount of light!
The first step is to determine the total area of your space. Take a tape measure and get the length x width dimensions. Multiply these two values to find the area in square meters (m²).
Tailor your lighting to the unique demands of each space. A workspace demands ample illumination, while a relaxation area thrives in softer light. Clarify the purpose of each room and its intended activities to pinpoint the ideal lighting levels.
Lighting intensity is measured in lux (lumens per square meter).
Here are key considerations:
– Work or reading areas: 300-500 lux
– Living Rooms: 150-300 lux
– Kitchens: 400-600 lux
– Bathrooms: 300-500 lux

LED bulbs come in different wattages, measured in watts (W). For example, if a 10W LED bulb is used and the brightness required is 500 lumens per square meter, you will need 50W per square meter (10W x 5 lumens).
The basic formula is simple: lumens (luminous flux) = lux x area (m²).
If your living room is 20m² and you want an intensity of 200 lux, the formula would be:
Lumens = 200lux×20m2= 4000 lumens



Personalization, your identity

KATOA LED lighting not only enhances energy efficiency but also offers bespoke solutions for diverse environments.
Whether it’s a cozy indoor nook, a lively outdoor space, or a rugged industrial area, our luminaires guarantee energy efficiency tailored to each setting, resulting in significant long-term savings.
Challenge us to brighten your journey!
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