The importance of glass in lighting a space

The bet on windows and glass doors is something that values natural lighting because these large openings will allow light to enter, even when they are closed. Besides making your space clearer, they will be a great milestone in the decoration, bringing a more sophisticated air.
Another suggestion is the use of glass cubes in partition walls, which eventually become larger extensions than doors and windows, allowing more light to enter.

Think about luminaire placement

The question of well-placed lamps and luminaires make a big difference in the way your space is illuminated. If you have a large space, a good tip is to place large chandeliers at the top and center of the ceiling. This way the light will spread better and will leave the space well lit at any time, including at night.
Betting on luminaires and lamps that are embedded can also be a great choice, as, besides assisting the external light, they are not visible and convey the feeling that the space receives only natural light.

Curtains and blinds can be your best friend

These strong allies in the pursuit of good lighting help control the light entering the room. The great advantage is the support they provide in choosing the amount of light – larger or smaller – by simply closing or opening the curtains or blinds.

Invest in bright environments

Light walls and furniture are strong allies in enhancing natural light. Light colors help propagate light, giving the feeling of a brighter environment. In addition, uniformity and non-contrast between light and dark are created, which increases the perception of light in space.
This concept is also valid when choosing your chandeliers and lamps. If the goal is to enhance the light that comes into the house, the best options are transparent, white, and other light tones. This type of luminaires does not cause contrast and will allow the lamps to actually used to illuminate.
The concept of harmony should be something that must be present in the combination of natural and artificial lighting in order for them to work in a complementary way. This harmonization will only benefit your space and, as a result, lower energy consumption and make it a nicer environment for you, your family, and friends.