Island or designated space to prepare


Before effectively cooking, the ingredients need preparation. Usually this is done on an island/bench (if you have one) or in a space where there is a board. Thus, a more discreet option will be the POP S model or its mini version. It has a suspended application and several colors to match the kitchen furniture.

In the case of the island I would choose the POP S model (as in the image) and in the case of a designated space, generally smaller, the mini version of the POP S model would be indicated!


General lighting


To brighten up the kitchen in general, the choice would be the SPIN model, as it has a recessed application with a flap and, once again, several color options.





Countertop/dining table


If the kitchen has a dining area, be it a countertop or a table, it is important to make this delimitation through lighting and design. The DECO model is the ideal option to direct the focus to this zone! This model has suspended application and has the possibility of six different finishes, which makes it a versatile piece.