Important factors to consider when choosing the best lighting strategy:

Characteristics and objectives of the environment – The chosen lighting has to be designed according to the needs of the place – from the layout to the final goal. We have to think that furniture is also a fundamental part, because it’s on them that the light will be projected.

Lighting quality – Existing lighting, contrast and color temperature should be analyzed. Each one of these factors has different importance in a lighting project. Besides changing the way objects are displayed, they influence visual comfort and the feelings we want to give to the place.

Costs – A lighting project isn’t just made up of lighting and energy consumption calculations. The purchase price of the materials must be taken into account, as well as the operational cost of the employees and the maintenance of the lighting system.


Important materials to consider when choosing the best lighting strategy:

Lamps – There is a huge range of possibilities with lamps, from presence sensors, ideal for corridors and stairs, to soil spots, for gardens and balconies. Regardless the principle, their arrangement will make a total difference.


Types of luminaires:

Commercials – There are a number of specifics when it comes to lighting for commercial environments. In supermarket lighting projects, for example, product visibility is the key and LED light’s are ideal for fulfilling this mission. The offices demand a different angle of reach with the lighting.

Decorative – Chandeliers are essential elements in the decoration of a home and the choice of where to place the chandelier will make a big difference in all lighting. Important notes: Bavarian style chandeliers are ideal for kitchens with a more vintage feel. Magnatus and Aurum are ideal for environments such as living rooms and lounges. Chandeliers with crystal pieces make any environment more exquisite.

Diverse – Readings and studies call for table luminaires, which are the most attractive. They combine space saving with the ideal luminescence for these activities. LED lights are widely used in decorative chandeliers.


Defining the ideal lighting option, whether for home or business, may not be an easy task and, for this same reason, decisions must be made responsibly. This will help to make the environments more beautiful and cozy.