Can you imagine those country houses, with lots of exposed wood, traditional kitchens, lots of flowers, plants and worn cabinets? This is the rustic style. Within this style, it is normal to use materials such as bottles and cans for vases, for example. It is common to see pillows, crochet sofa blankets and kitchen accessories, such as coffee makers, teapots and porcelain cups. The key element of this style is, without a doubt, wood, whether in finishes, as a base for the floor, ceiling or walls or in decorative elements, always contrasting with elements of Nature and natural fabrics.


A style generally appreciated by the younger society band. This style is perfect for lovers of the 70s and 80s and, for this reason, it has a series of elements from that period displayed in its decor, such as colorful mixers, sofas with gaudy covers, among many others. And if you think this is going to be the style that will give you the most headaches, make no mistake. Decor stores are usually full of decorative elements that will delight lovers of this time.


This is the cleanest decoration style of all: it contains few decorative pieces, but with great presence – with strong and creased details in colors such as silver, black, white and red. A contrast is made between colors, for example between white and black, and glass tables and minimalist lamps are often used.


The eclectic decor style brings together opposites that are seemingly impossible to put together: old and new, East and West, or luxury and simplicity. It is one of the styles that requires greater care not to fall into a big decorative mess. This is one of the styles of decor that wants to be surprising, but not too complex.


In these situations, the bare minimum is used to maintain a pleasant and functional home. The decorative elements are practically non-existent and are replaced by comfortable furniture. The decoration lines are simple and straight, with geometric patterns, and the most used colors are white, black, blue, beige and yellow in all their variations.


If after all the research and doing this exercise, you’ve come to the conclusion that you like more than one style of decor, no problem! There is no rule that prevents you from joining two styles, as long as you do it with the proper balance, count, weight and measure. In fact, the combination of environments can make your home much more interesting and with personality.