Light is such an important element that is thought from the beginning of the construction of a house, along with the architectural project.


If you are building a project from scratch, taking the opportunity to think about lighting is undoubtedly one of the first steps to do (we speak, from experience!). Create points of direct light in the most important areas of the house, such as in the kitchen and bathrooms, and create areas of indirect light in crossing or rest zones.


Which lamps should you choose?

There’s not much to invent and, by now, you should know that the option should fall for LED lamps. Low consumption, durability and ecological impact make LED lights the ideal option for your home. You have to bear in mind that this aspect is very important when it comes to lamps where the light is visible. You should choose the globe or drop format, as they are aesthetically balanced formats.


How do you find out that your home isn’t well illuminated?

Have you ever complained about headaches watching TV or reading? The problem may be related to poor lighting. Our suggestion is to confirm that you have at least these well-lit areas: kitchen countertops, dining tables, desks, reading areas and bathrooms.