Usually, it’s responsibility of each manufacturer to inform the lifespan of their product, which is directly related to the maintenance factor (L70). This factor means that the lifetime of a luminaire represents the number of hours elapsed when, due to the depreciation of the luminous flux, 70% of the initial light quantity is reached. In other words, is the time required for the light to be reduced to 30%.


The reduction in luminous flux occurs with all light sources. However, studies prove that LED technology can overcome 100,000 operating hours while maintaining a low depreciation flow rate. That’s why we will use it as an example, since it’s the most advanced technology in terms of lighting.


Predict the lifespan of a LED light depends on several factors, but generally, good quality LED lamps are produced to last about 50,000 hours (a much higher durability compared to conventional lamps). When we turn this number into years, that time is a little less than four years of continuous use (24 hours a day) or 17 years if it’s used 8 hours a day.


However, remember that this durability is related to the depreciation of the luminous flux, which means, its brightness dissipates slowly, once the LED doesn’t burn like an incandescent lamp.


As we mentioned earlier, there are other factors that can compromise the lifespan of a luminaire, such as the location of the installation, room temperature and humidity. Going back to the example of LED lights, when they are not installed or maintained correctly, it may cause their lifespan to be shorter than predicted by the manufacturers.


In the same way, the lifespan is inversely proportional to the operating temperature of a luminaire, that is, the higher the temperature, during it’s functioning, the lower will be it’s durability. This is because, excessive heat, in addition to causing a decrease in luminous flux, can burn the driver.


Therefore, we leave a final note: pay attention to the lifespan of the equipment when carrying out a lighting project. Currently, there are lamps with good origins that are designed to withstand high temperatures.


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