Dimmers have been widely used due to both financial and aesthetic advantages, contributing to the decoration of the house becoming more beautiful and cozy. In today’s article, we mentioned some ways of functioning and curiosities of this device in LED lights.
Are LED lights compatible with dimmers?

To find out if the dimmer can be installed, it is necessary to validate if the LED light is dimmable, that is, if the instructions have shown that it is suitable for regulating the intensity of its brightness. If adaptable, the LED light is the most advantageous option, as its lifetime is around 25 thousand hours.


What are the advantages of LED lights?

They are environmentally friendly;
They are ideal for lighting more sensitive or colorful decoration pieces;
LED lights hardly ever end up burning out – what can happen is the transformer that transfers the energy burns out. In these cases, just change it and continue using the lights, generating savings and less pollution to the environment.


Is installing a dimmer easy?

The installation of this device is quite simple, being a task that can be performed by anyone, just paying attention to a few details.
Before any procedure, it is necessary to turn off the circuit breaker in order to carry out the service in total safety. To do this, simply remove the switch and disconnect the wiring, always paying attention to the order of colors according to the voltage.


What are the best places to install dimmers?

The dimmer can be installed anywhere, and it is necessary to bear in mind that it has a different function for each room in the house. In the rooms, it should give that feeling of comfort and relaxation. In the living room, a more intimate atmosphere combined with charm and sophistication. When lighting the house with LED lights, the savings are 90% compared to common lights, not to mention that there is no need to install several luminaires, because you have total control over the lighting in the environment.