Having a home office can be tricky if you work or study a lot at home. The home office is a trend for those who want to escape traffic, stress and still save money. In order to maintain a comfortable environment that helps you stay focused, you don’t need to spend a lot. It’s possible to have a corner for you, without breaking the budget.



The first step is to choose the ideal place to set up your office. This should be a space that allows for concentration and with few distractions. So, an extra bedroom or even an extra space in your bedroom could be the perfect corner to work.



Light should be an interesting factor when choosing the location. Sunlight can help you stay focused, stay awake and save on your electricity bill, so if you have the opportunity, find the perfect space by your window or even on the apartment’s balcony.



Colors have great power over space and our focus. When painting your office, you must take into account which identity it wants to convey. Light colors give a feeling of enlarging the space, vibrant colors encourage creativity, and dark tones can be very tiring for the eyes during working hours. The ideal is to bet on the contrast between the colors of the walls and furniture.



It should be spacious enough to have everything you need in an easy and well-organized way. It needs to be adjusted to your needs, with drawers and other elements that make your work easier.



It will be your main ally to have a good productivity when working at home. Use custom boxes, acrylic trays and even those perforated boards (peg board), which you can find in building supply stores, to hang materials and tools.