We all know that the benefits of LED lights are numerous. These products are more financially viable, have a good durability and provide more economical energy management. The combination of LEDs and dimmers can be even more interesting and increase the range of possibilities.




LED lighting at the head of the bed

Using an LED strip, it’s possible to make a contour at the head of the bed. In this way, your room gains a more contemporary look and fulfills the main function of lighting.




If you want to make the environment even more personal, use LED hoses to form a sentence, a word or a drawing of your choice. It will be your dream room and can be very economical. This tip is also very good at bars and restaurants.




LED strip TV panel

If you are looking for a room lighting that is not so strong and that illuminates evenly, this is an excellent option. This type of lighting makes the environment more cozy, elegant and also enhances the furniture.




Kitchen furniture

The kitchen is one of the places where you shouldn’t skimp on lighting, as this is a space widely used by everyone in the house and should be well lit due to the type of tasks to be done. There are several types of lighting that can be used here and the option can, for example, go through using LED strips or hoses around the countertops and cabinets to provide a smooth and uniform lighting.


Lighted wardrobe

Can you imagine what good it would be to have a lighted wardrobe? How many times do we have to turn on the cell phone camera to look for that lost piece of clothing? Think about it and lighting with LED strips. This trick can be very useful in your life!