What types of luminaires are best for your company?


High performance luminaires

This type of luminaire is ideal for overlapping or embedding, they are composed of elements that ensure the best possible performance. These luminaires have high energy efficiency and are generally used in models that use T5 or T8 LED tubes, reflectors and fins. They are perfect to provide general light.


Diffusion lighting

With acrylic diffusers, especially built-in ones, these luminaires are used for corporate environments, which enable a wide variety of formats and contribute to the composition of differentiated spaces.


Important tips to brighten up the room

There are two fundamental aspects when it comes to corporate lighting: the productivity and safety of employees and assets. We all already know how the quality and quantity of light interfere positively or negatively in human behavior and, for this reason, we know that the environment lighting needs to be designed according to the purpose of each space.

In corporate environments, adequate lighting promotes productivity. Controlling light intensity and color temperature increase concentration and motivate work. In areas such as access doors, corridors, staircases and parking lots, the role of lighting is to provide guidance and contribute to the safety of people and vehicles.

Another important factor in a lighting project in corporate areas is the economy and rationality in installation and maintenance. The choice of the best set is essential to ensure durable, economical and low maintenance lighting systems.


Corporate work environments and meetings
Workplaces with computers and ambient light don’t need to reach 500 lux, since much of the lighting needed to perform tasks is provided by the monitor. In these cases, too much light can make work tiring and not very stimulating.

The conference room is a space that needs careful lighting, with general diffused lighting being a good choice. We should avoid using focused light, because it creates shadows that cause discomfort and tiredness. It’s important to consider some versatility in lighting. Don’t forget that this space can be used for presentations with multimedia projectors.


The composition of scenarios with independent notes is vital for rational energy consumption. It’s normal to see entire floors lit up, even when only one or two rooms are actually being used. The correct positioning of the luminaires and direct lighting at each workstation enables energy savings, in addition to making the environment more pleasant.