Nowadays, there are several types of ceiling lights. However, some questions may arise, such as: which design is most interesting? What type of light saves the most energy? Among others. Today, we give you some tips for choosing the most correct ceiling light for your space.


Dome format

To start, what type of dome do you want to light your ceiling? We can highlight three types:

Closed – opaque body, useful to project light at a specific point. It’s necessary to establish a focus that has a column of light, which, in turn, radiates to the remaining space.

Open – open body, not opaque and with the possibility of offering a more innovative design. There are some cases in which it appears in a spider web form, which will prevent the light from being directly directed to just one point.

Transparent – the material is usually glass (resistant and transparent). Part of the light will be projected onto the floor and, at the same time, it will radiate what surrounds it.

All of these options depend on the design of the space and the amount of light you want to have in it.


Suspensed or attached to the ceiling

The installation of suspended lights, with the possibility of being accompanied by a device that regulates the height, allows it to be a solution adapted to the various needs.
The suspended format ends up favoring the aesthetics of the space, but keep in mind that it will have some highlight in the room. Choosing the right style can be the key element that dynamize the decor.

There’s s another format that gets stuck in the ceiling. It doesn’t take up more space, simplifies the decoration and does not overload the place.


Types of lighting


Lighting is the main complement that will highlight the decoration of the space. For this, it’s essential to choose the most suitable light. Did you know that lighting and aesthetics are great allies?

LED – help save on the electricity bill. Choose warm lights for spaces like living rooms or bedrooms, and cool lights for kitchens and bathrooms.

Incandescent – traditional prototypes. They consume more energy, but lighting is more effective and warm. Recommended for rooms.

Ecological – better performance than previous ones and maximum efficiency. They offer a warm and adjustable light. Great allies in the electricity bill.

Choosing the right type of lighting is not complicated – you just need to pay attention to the detail and aesthetics of the space. Your choice will end up making it more comfortable, peaceful and relaxing.