There are several technologies that have emerged and that aim to offer a more comfortable experience to its users. One of these evolving technologies is the Casambi control system. 


This allows improving the user experience not only in what concerns lighting but also has an active contribution in the promotion of some services based on location and proximity marketing. 


But how does this technology work, and how does it contribute to improving our lives? Read on to find out more.


Tecnologia de controlo Casambi


Casambi is a wireless lighting control system that allows its users to control lighting devices, such as lamps, lanterns, and banners, from a mobile application


This emerging technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a network that interconnects several devices that are in the same space, or at a distance included in the angle of action.


Through Casambi technology, users can control the surrounding lighting, set timers and schedules, adjust the temperature and brightness of the light according to their needs, and much more! 


The system is very intuitive and allows users to quickly and easily customize their lighting settings. This type of intelligent lighting allows better use of electric energy and a reduction in its consumption, which contributes positively to making our lighting more sustainable. 


Furthermore, the Casambi system allows for an installation with less wiring than a traditional system and adapts to already installed products.

Thus, the luminaires can be added to or removed from the Casambi unit without having to modify the installation or depend on the support of a technician.


Currently, the Casambi technology is already used for a variety of applications such as commercial, hotel, and residential environments. Offering greater flexibility, energy efficiency, and convenience to users, it also contributes to the reduction of installation and maintenance costs.


Tecnologia de controlo Casambi


But how exactly does this system that promises to revolutionize the way we light our spaces work?


This new lighting solution is only possible due to beacon technology. This small wireless device, incorporated into the luminaires, is used to transmit Bluetooth radio signals to mobile devices. Within the beacon’s range, the emitted signal can be picked up by a mobile application that will trigger an action based on the user’s location.


Beacon transmitters can be placed anywhere, such as inside luminaires, as lighting is usually installed on ceilings or locations that allow a maximum range that covers the entire area in which people move.


All the luminaires produced by KATOA are compatible with Casambi technology,  giving our products extra functionalities such as lighting control, light intensity, and temperature adjustments, in order to offer the most comfortable environment possible to those who choose us as their suppliers. This technology is easily controllable through an application that can be downloaded for this purpose and offers a simple and intuitive interface.


Tecnologia de controlo Casambi


Casambi’s wireless lighting control system allows you to improve your users’ experience, offering a simple solution, but with vast potential. Beacons will certainly boost your lighting experience, improve business processes, reduce costs, and probably generate more revenue.


If you already have a Casambi control system or plan to implement one, get in touch with our team. Our experts are at your disposal to answer any questions and present the best solutions for your needs.