If it’s true that there are some homes that are more “blessed” with this natural feature, it’s also true that there are some tips and tricks you can put into practice to get the maximum amount of natural light into your home.




  1. Glass facades


Glass facades are one of natural light’s greatest allies. By avoiding a large amount of opaque brick and stone and replacing it with a material that, in addition to being transparent, helps to reflect light, it will make any space more spacious and brighter. So, if you are doing a project from scratch or if you are going to carry out works at home, consider this possibility.





  1. Colors


The choice of colors is another absolutely fundamental point when it comes to letting natural light “in” into a house. Dark colors will always absorb more sunlight, so you should avoid using them as dominant colors.

Prefer more neutral and even bright tones, as they are the most suitable for taking full advantage of the light that comes from outside. White is the best.


  1. Attention to surrounding vegetation


To ensure that the natural lighting process will be successful in your home, it’s a good idea to check the context outside as well. Do you live in a house with a garden? So maybe it’s not a bad idea to run an analysis of all the trees and shrubs that surround the house.

If they are high enough, they will obviously block the passage of sunlight and natural light. In case you live in a building on a low floor and you identify which trees in the condo are affecting, talk to the condo.


  1. Beware of furniture


Did you know that by placing furniture in front of the windows you are helping to make that area automatically darker? You should instead choose decorative pieces that adapt to the height of the window, ideally with a maximum height of one meter.

In case we’re talking about a floor-to-ceiling window, then you should really leave the space free to get the most out of the natural light coming in.


  1. Clean windows


This tip may seem a little strange, but the truth is that cleaning the windows is a task that we always end up putting off, whether due to lack of time or even the impossibility of reaching them, particularly in the case of tall buildings or houses of high ceilings.

But, believe me, it boosts the natural light of a house!


  1. Zenith lighting


Have you ever heard of this term? Zenith lighting essentially consists of all natural lighting that comes from above. Skylights, ceilings and transparent roofs belong to this group and contribute, of course, to increasing the natural light of a house by a large percentage.

However, this is a type of structure that requires a lot of investment and is suitable for larger areas or for places where the windows alone are not enough to capture natural light.


  1. Mirrors


This tip will certainly not be new to you, but it never hurts to reinforce the idea: use and abuse mirrors! In addition to being a very useful and affordable object in terms of price, they are also an excellent alternative to improve lighting.

Study well the places in which you position them, and preferably place them in front of a window, so that the reflection of natural light is maximized.