Although the path to environmental awareness is already part of the daily lives of many people (and thankfully!), sustainability regarding companies is an attitude that still leaves much to be desired and that still has a lot of improvement maneuver. Today, we leave you 5 tips to make your office lighting eco-friendly:


Intelligently reduces expenses

When installing the power circuits that connect all the devices in your office, it’s important to create a unique circuit that meets all equipments such as TV, DVD player, cable TV receivers, stereo systems and, of course , the computers. Thus, you can switch them off simultaneously when you don’t use them, avoiding the already known “stand by” mode.


Take into account the painting of the walls

You may not believe it, but it’s quite simple: painting the walls with light colors, in most cases, characterizes a surefire sustainable solution for lighting – this little touch-up can reduce your energy consumption by up to 10%. The light colors reflect the light for a longer time, optimizing the use of natural light and ensuring the efficiency of office lighting without resorting to electric light. This technique should, whenever possible, be applied to ceilings and floors.


Discover the best way to position your lamps

In order to make any changes to your office, you must be very careful and, regarding the installation of lamps, this should be particularly well planned. The basis that you should take into account is: the lighting of an environment should always be done according to its size and purpose.


Choose sustainable lamps

The type of lamps directly interferes with the quality and efficiency of their lighting. With the right choice of lamps you will be able to obtain a significant difference of 75% less consumption in your electricity bill, with LED lights being infinitely more economical than traditional lights.


Bet on integrated lights

Known as tubular skylights, light tubes are a simple alternative to create lighting based on natural light in any type of environment. Through pipes that go beyond the ceiling, the light tubes are a very economical option and are a good choice to ensure that the light reaches your entire space.


Now just put these tips into practice to make your office lighting effectively eco-friendly.