Well-lit meetings

Yellow is the colour of light, sun and gold – something we associate with good ideas, energy and prosperity. Basically, everything we need to have in a meeting room, where creativity and results must guide the efforts of the participants. Your entire infrastructure must be prepared to accept the latest technologies, including a TV, a variety of electrical outlets and integrated lighting that will help highlight the yellow and enhance the conversation, don’t you think?


Modern classics

Offices that need concentration and silence for their professionals, such as law, consulting and accounting offices, but who also want to promote work integration, should opt for glass partitions, modern design and clear walls in order to project light for the various divisions. Besides sending a message of seriousness of the environment, they also gain a touch of modernity through the use of industrial materials.


Wide, illuminated and transparent dividers

A good work environment involves a lot of peace and harmony, and this can be the ideal place for those who need serenity to work and enjoy the company of colleagues.
Find a balance between natural elements, such as wooden floors and brick walls. This gives the place a more natural look and allows you to enjoy it much more.


Increases creativity in the blink of an eye

Last but not least, the contrast of colours on the walls makes the environment more relaxed and full of ideas, as is the case in offices where technology and the disposition of the work stations require proximity. Smooth dividers help designers create and reinvent in a more collaborative way.