1º Control waste using good alternatives

To start, a good economic tip is to install presence sensors in some sectors of the condominium. As the sensors cause some wear and tear on ordinary lamps, it’s very important to choose the use of LED lights, as they have good resistance to the equipment. These lights are perfect for installing in places such as stairs, elevators and less busy corridors – places where the tendency to forget to turn off the lights is greater.


2º Lighting must be functional

The choice of lamps is essential to meet the needs of each space, according to the frequency of use, public and purpose of the environment. Garages must be well lit as they are entrance and exit passageways. Reflectors, for example, are a good bet for these spaces, because in addition to illuminating the place well, they can be positioned in the way we most want.


3º Effective and efficient lighting

If your main goal is to save money, betting on LED lights is the best solution. This type of light has a much broader luminous flux, long life, and easy to renounce. As they have clear light from specific models for wide or directional lighting, the LED light transmits security to the space of the condominium.


4º Guide the resident

Lighting for circulation areas should be very objective. In the corridors, it should instruct people on the route taken, and inefficient lighting can cause problems. The evaluation of the ideal light for some types of place can be carried out by an architectural professional, precisely to analyze the production of contrast, shade and the highlight of some points.


We hope that these four points will serve as a guide in choosing the most appropriate lighting to use in your condo.