It’s not yet to wake up!


This idea is for those who have children, especially younger ones. Often what happens is that they wake up too soon or later than supposed.

One way to alleviate this is to use smart light bulbs, regulating their color and intensity. Each color will be displayed for a certain period of time, for example from five to seven in the morning it is red and means it’s still early to wake up. That way they’ll know if it’s too early to wake up, if it’s the right time to wake up or if they should have already gotten out of bed.


At night you need to light


Sometimes, at night, we need to go to the kitchen or the bathroom and on those occasions the ideal is that the light that comes on is not at its full intensity. It is very useful to set the intensity of the lamps during the night time, that way it is more comfortable to get up in the middle of the night. This logic also applies, for example, to the garage or gate that should be lit when there is no natural light.

So it is possible to configure for this to happen and with the addition of the motion sensor, to light up only when necessary.


The garden can be a work of art


If your house has a garden, you can make a work of art out of it. By setting the lights to turn on when it gets dark, you can assign different colors and intensities to each light.

As we are talking about outdoor lighting devices, a suitable and more sustainable option is for them to recharge with sunlight.