The idea of ​​using this decorative object in your space can leave the environment with a totally different look, as it creates a standout item and brings more warmth to the place. One of the most common models is the Moroccan lantern, known for its richness in details, sophisticated finishes and vibrant colors. The delicacy of this piece fits like a glove in environments with an oriental style or in that more relaxing corner of the house, next to the armchairs.


When it comes to outdoor spaces, they end up becoming more vibrant with a set of lanterns hanging from pergolas, ceilings or apartment balconies. If you have a swimming pool and want to give it a touch of glamour, place the lanterns along the edge and light candles inside stands to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Today, we leave you ten simple tips to use this item in your decoration:


1 – Whenever possible and provided by the environment, make a composition with different sizes and heights.
2 – As a general rule, the lanterns are paired to form a harmonious composition with the environment.
3 – In children’s rooms, they are the ones who give the delicate touch.
4 – It’s recommended that the lanterns have a glass protection, so that there are no accidents.
5 – Using lanterns as a means of decorating balconies gives a romantic and cozy touch.
6 – Next to swimming pools, lanterns become a soft and elegant prop.
7 – If your goal is to make your space more cheerful and fun, opt for colored lanterns.
8 – It uses similar models, but with different sizes and characteristics in order to make the space more versatile.
9 – In the case of parties, alternate the supports with candles and flowers to obtain the perfect decoration.
10 – Welcome your guests with lanterns in the entrance hall of your house. This will, of course, give them comfort.


Do you already use any of these in your home or office? If so, let us know in the comments.